About Breaking Barriers

A new group supporting you . . .

Breaking Barriers is a twofold organisation founded by 3 parents of disabled children with various requirements.

It aims to :

  • Support & reassure with a listening ear
  • Promote, improve & advance the emotional wellbeing of Parents, Carers & Families of disabled children & young people aged 0-25 years old and adults
  • Promote equality of opportunity for all sectors of the Community
  • Offer tailor made training, raise awareness, promote inclusion & social acceptance
  • Signpost Parents & Carers to relevant local Services

Breaking Barriers also supports Adults with Autism by facilitating a monthly support group called ABAG - Adult Bolton Autism Group.

Lets prepare the World for our Children . . .

Who's who at Breaking Barriers?

As a mum to a fabulous child with Autism I have realized there are many everyday barriers our children face in society which need addressing and removing. We need to celebrate and understand difference and help the wider community take positive steps towards inclusion for all.
I am parent who truly believes that inclusion can exist, as we are all unique but equally of value. We all need assistance at some point in our lives, so for my Daughter it isn't the 'difference' rather the 'degree' of assistance required. I am here to challenge discriminatory practice and I will take positive action in removing disabling barriers for my daughter, so the future becomes barrier free.
Our children of today will be the adults of tomorrow and through experience, I know that sometimes you don't always fit and are told you must mold to be accepted. I challenge that and believe there is a place for us all in society. I want to ensure my child and other children will be barrier free to be the individuals they have the right to be, in a world which values inclusion.

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