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Kiera Byland

Our Special Olympian!

In the summer of 2015, thousands of Special Olympics World Games athletes will show us all what can be accomplished through the courage, determination and joy of the human spirit. One of those Olympians is a young person called Kiera Byland; she is 16 years old, lives in Bolton, Greater Manchester and . . . is a keen cyclist.

At a recent national event (August 2014) – Kiera became known as the "find of the weekend"; with the head coach stating "Kiera will be a great ambassador for Special Olympics". Kiera also said "For the first time I feel like a competitor with a chance to compete and maybe win a medal".

Why is Kiera a Special Olympian? – Whilst Kiera has learning difficulty, many autism traits and borderline dyspraxia, she is used to competing at Regional and National level in the mainstream world of sport, however, the national event was her first opportunity to truly test her ability against her peers. Compared to mainstream athletes, it takes Kiera longer to learn skills, but as highlighted by one of Kiera's coaches, she approaches training with guts and determination to master techniques she's taught in order to compete.

This sponsorship will ultimately enable Kiera to represent her country at the World Games in Los Angeles, through providing the necessary funding for essential training equipment, light weight bike frame and the employment of a cycle coach and 'Personal Assistant Road Cycle Partner' to ensure she is safe whilst practicing on the roads.

So with a lot of hard work and just a little bit of "lady luck", our only North West rider will be able to gain the invaluable skills and fitness to do herself and her country proud in Los Angeles.

How you can help?

We are looking to create a community fund enabling Kiera to compete for the NW Region in future Special Olympic events. Whatever financial support or ideas can be offered will help Kiera work towards her dream.

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Please support Kiera to become a successful Special Olympian and help to make her dream come true.

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